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Full text of "Mulberry Baptist Association Minutes 1889"

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Birmingham, Alabama 

Mulberry Missionary Baptist Association 

v. 1. 1844 

v. 11. 1895 

v.2. 1856 

v. 3. 1873 

v. 12. 1896 

v. 13. 1897 

v.4. 1879 

v. 14. 1898 

v. 5. 1881 

v. 6. 1885 

v. 7. 1886 

v. 15. 1899 

v. 16. 1900 

v. 8. 1887 

v. 9. 1889 

v. 10. 1892 



The delegates representing the churches of the Mulberry Bap- 
tist Association convened with. New Satem church, Chilton county, 
Ala., September 21, 1889, in its sixty-second annual session. The 
introductory sermon was preached by Eld. A. E. Burns, from 2 
Peter 3:18: "But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our 
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." 

The sermon was instructive and encouraging and was listened 
to by a large and attentive congregation. We believe it will ac- 
complish much good. 

A recess was then given and we partook of refreshments, which 
had been prepared and bountifully supplied Jay the good people. 


The delegates assembled in the church house and engaged in 
singing. Prayer was offered by Eld. J. M. Langston, the former 
Moderator, who called the house to order and proceeded to busi- 
ness, as follows: 

Appointed J. C. Hicks and Z. J. Jones to read the letters. 
Called the names of the churcfces, read the letters and enrolled 
-the names of delegates, as follows: 

Rehoboth— «J. T. Collins, *L. J. Moore, JI*EnochiLathjM|»,: M. F. Lawley, 
M. V. Lawley, »G. M. Woolley. 

Antioch— J. M. Langston, »A. J. Woolley, «T. J. Pitts, •Rolley Smither- 
man, •S. H. Logan, J. C. Hicks,»D. B. Smitherman, J. D.' m Langston, *M. C. 
Mineral Springs— I. N. Martin, J. A. Rodgers, ,*W. H. Conway, »W. P. 

Jemison— A. E. Barns, L J. Hand, *Z. W. Langston, *H. T. Caffey, »J. 
R. Hill, »W. N. Johns. 

Liberty Hill— Wiley Foshee, *A.|L. Foshee, *J. N. Williams. 

Macedonia— * James Nix, *Elijah Bearden, *T.*J..Hubbard, A. 'Glasscock, 
•J. L. Waldrop. 

Providence — R. M. Honeycutt, J. J. Lowery, *J.- J. Lightsey, »J. C. Arnold, 
B. M. Gentry, *W. A. 8ims. 

Center Hill— *John Martin, »J. P. Nix, »J. B. Webb. 

Mars Hill— «G. W. Gothard, *E. G. Coffer, »D. W. Coe, *G. W. Smith, *D. 
W. 8cott 

Pleasant Grove— * John Gothard,; *J. M. Gothard, Z. J." Jones, *T. M. 
Driver, *W. R. Dawson, 'Martin Franklin. 

New Salem— E. M. Bean, J. W. Maddox, J. Bice, W. C. Ogletree, »A. B. 

(Absentees marked thus *). 

On motion, the former Moderator and Clerk were re-elected by 

The Moderator invited visiting brethren to seats. 

Invitation for churches to unite with us was {given, when Col- 
lins Chapel church, through her delegates, presented % letter of 
dismissal from the Unity Association with a petitionary letter to 

■I i > I I m 

this Association, which was received and the names of the dele- 
gates enrolled, as follows: W. D. Martin, W. A. Mims. T T/ 
Collins. J 

Called for and received correspondence as follows: 
Shelby Association— G. W. Sorrell. 
Wood?' Aa80ci * tion — *- a Y <"»»«» J°*»a Oonnsll, James Rasberry, W. M. 

On motion, this Association authorizes and appoints its mem- 
bers to represent this body when visiting other Associations 

The Devotional Committee was then appointed, viz* jf F 
Lawley D. B. Smitherman, A. Glasscock, with the deacons of 
New Salem church. 

r^^n^^T^S?? ^^^V 3 * 1 ** Z r *»«. J- O- Arnold. 
On Finance— J. C. Hicks, R. M. Gentry, M. V. Lawley. 

The following standing committees were appointed: 
Home Religion— W. A! Wood, W. G. Riggins, J. D. Langston 
M T«i>eranesandPr©hibition-J. W. Maddox, Z. W. Langston, W. A. 

I£5!S wS"* Mi f i ^ 1 ^- R - M. Honeycott. E. M. Bean, Wiley Foshee. 
Foreign Miaaona-A. E Burns, J. M. Gothard, J. E. Champion * OBnee - 

f!^t?*J 8 r J< ? n * than . Biee * L J ' Hwia ' D - z Merchant P 
Sabbath ^ioola-A. Glasscock, J. D. Langston, Z. J. Jonea 
Indigent Ministers- M. D. Langston, A. L Foshee. 

. On motion, the Moderator appointed A. L. Foshee, Z. J. Tones, 
J. C. Arnold, a committee on time and place of holding the next 
session of this body; also to appoint a brother to preach the intro- 
ductory sermon. 

Called for report of committee on Home Religion, which was 
read, and, after discussion, adopted as follows: 


-.SfS?*? J* 8 ^.**™ are the light of Ae world, the salt of the 
™^j£;^?^ bel - eTe i hat , n 9 where does the light of religion shine 
E£w5? tlTelv . than "J ""> f amily circle. Without family religion all 
our public worship will be of no avail. The influence of religion St home 
£!L m *?i lfeS ? I,* - "? foT .^od from childhood down to old age. Centuries™! 
£ ^h JfamT de8tr °y, ,te ^? w «- And the least duties performed forChrist 
i™ !i y ' 6Ven t i ie ^ vlD «i> f ^up of cold water, will not be forgotten, 
£2L*££ * e * re nnd t r *"*, a S d - , How delightful the family worshijfwhere 
God's blessings are acknowledged with gratitude! How blessed the home 
that is consecrated to the God of all the families of the earth !It may echo 
iT«i be -7 ?1 ^ 0f SW nWB i 0r b « fil , led with the wail of sorrow. One thing 
«pTt hhJh t 1D / P £if ° f . tbe Mo8t Hi « h - *" h °* different whe? 
W ^L at + th6dark8lde t °M he J picture - the mhle laid aside for the latest 

• an^d^Wnd^wo^sr 0011 TOll9d; ^^ ° f 8miles and kind words ' fro ™ 8 
Brethren, if we will carry religion to our tables, into our business into 

^K am \ l £ ^T** 10 ?' T ew ^ T ^ **"«* Prepaid to pray publicly, to 
teach in the 8unday-school, and to point others to the Lamb of God. 
Respectfully submitted, ""* 

Z. J. Jones, Ch'n. 
The Devotional Committee made the following report which 
was adopted: 

Prayer meeting to-morrow at 10 o'clock, conducted by W. M. Wood; 

- -^ttb 

preaching itU& Elds. J. M. Langston and W. G. Biggins; and at 2 r. 
«. by Elda. R- M. Honeyeutt and J. J. Lowery. ^ y ^^ ^^ 

On motion, adjourned until 9 o'clock Monday, September 23. 


Prayer meeting conducted by J. D. Langston. Preaching at 11 
o'clock by J. M. Langston, from 1st Corinthians 5:19, 20: And 
ye are not your own, for ye are bought with a price; therefore 
glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God s. 
The sermon was delivered in an earnest manner to a very large 
and attentive congregation. i 

W G. Riggins followed with a lively exhortation, after which a 
public collection was taken in behalf of New Salem church, to 
aid them in finishing their house of worship. Amount in cash 
secured, $26.50. 

Adjourned for dinner. . . . 

At 2 o'clock R. M. Honeyeutt addressed the Association from 
PhiL 3:14: "I press towards the mark for the prize of the high 
calling of God in Christ Jesus," followed by J. J. Lowery. 



The Association met pursuant to adjournment. After singing, 
prayer was offered by the Moderator. Proceeded to business as 

follows: _ • r 

Called the roll and marked absentees. On account of suc- 
cessive rains a goodly number of the delegates were absent. 

On motion, the Clerk was ordered not to mark any absent who 
might come in during the day. . 

The Committee on Temperance offered the following report, 
which, after discussion, was adopted: 

Your Committee on Temperance understand that to be temperate is to 
be prudent in all things. Intemperance in eating, drinking and laborjias 
movedtobeiniariouftoman. Therefore we would urge upon the meni- 
al of this Association to be temperate in .11 things for in "*WMtje 
preserve health abstain from rash acts and hard feelings. »»**•«£**"* 
evilis that of strong drink. It has dethroned men of reason, and being led 
onbv infuriated passions, have committed the blackest crimes known to 
Snan* Therefore VTfeel it to be the duty of all Christians to use their in- 
fluence against the use of intoxicating drinks. 

Respectfully «*■*«•*. j. c . hicks, Ch'n. 

The Committee on Prohibition offered their report, which was 

■ I 1 I II I -I I 


Your Committee on Prohibition report as follows- 

Prohibition means the act of forbiddine. Hence it is the dnty of all of 
God s people to forbid all things that tend to evil or to the injury of others- 
for we are taught by the apostle to "abstain from the appearance of evil " ' 
»K«K re are M 1 " 6 ? 1 man y thi , n 8» we are surrounded witb that tend to evil, 
^7,™ 7%S? Christians might prohibit if we would begin in time, depend- 
ing on God for help. It is the mind of your committee that we, as thelieht 

?h^ t e:i^b ^ u^aa£Xb y ia I ]t faaItinregard to P rohibition - We often aee 
*™^° ,th **rtberry Association, we aPP** 1 to Tou and we trust 
you will hear and help us. If we be the light of the world and the salt of 
the earth, is it not a fact that we are the means, in God's hands, of rebukine 
the evil and wrong? It is true God has forbidden the wrongs in his Word 
but then he requires us to live according to his Word, in the presence of his 
creatures, that they may see our good works and glorify his name. 

Now, brethren, the worst of allthe evils we are cursed with is that of 
strong drink. Hence it should be forbidden by all of God's children. Do 
W ,™ r „ a J ? f u e t0 *l he law *>, Pro 1 " 1 "* this wrong? If so, we bave but little 
ground for. hope that it will be successfully done. The law-makers some 

^ m fJ«T e m *°? ey u be , tter th , an the r do aoul8 ' and m *y &e influenced thereby; 
«-i. k Ti %* the L aw . 8 ^ ODe we ma y be disappointed But we, as Chr& 
tians, should demand of the law-makers a prohibition of the making, trans- 
P°rt™g or semng of strong drink. But we are sure that this will not be 
thiTwork UD W6 ' "* CbriatiaD8 > everywhere, give our support to 

.. D ^ r 4 br * threD « J .beiieve that prohibition of strong drink in this part of 
the State is on rising ground, and we are proud that we are permitted to 

SA V tJD 13. 

,^«,2 OW, ., b, ? th^en, incondision, we believe it to be onr duty to continuallv 
demand of our legislators to prohibit this evil, and that it is our duty as 
Christians to prohibit it by refusing to partake of it as a beverage. We all 
have an influence. Let us wield it, then, against this evil and in aid of re- 
form ; let us rebuke all wrongs. Let us pray continually and we may then 
expect success. 

Respectfully submitted, 

R. M. Hobeycutt, Ch'n. 

The report of the Committee ou Indigent Ministers was called 

No report from the first district. 

J?w? , liL3M r w~'i* L --5°5 hee "Ports that Bro. A. B. Hill was the only 
one in the district who needed pecuniary aid. and that he had called on th£ 
churches for help for him, and had succeeded in getting a contribution. 

The report was received. 

The Committee on Periodicals offered their report, which was 
amended and adopted, as follows: 


Your committee on Periodicals and Religious Literature beg leave to sub- 
mit the following report: 

The influence of literature upon the character of a nation, communitv 
family or individual cannot be over estimated. "Show me the companv 
you keep and I will tell you what you are," is an adage true as trite, ^f it 
were, Show me what you read, and I will show you what you are, "it would 

Dc cQUftlly Li U6. 

The Bible is the fountain of pure literature, the well-spring of truth itself 
Drink deep, drink long, drink often from this spring of the water of life if 
you would grow in grace and in a knowledge of the truth. 


channels of our pub 10 mail service . ™ «™"2, «™» °' w 'fe^i,,,,. 

as Tj , a , sw^ffSr s * •" own Hoo,e 

Miiiou Boerd, « Ad»». <*.._ ".^^.X^aod .od theehureh for 


they get the bad- Asa ^^J ""^JgS if know its value; tho8e who do 
too highly commended. u„„7 t h5? families lose till they subscribe for 
not can not know what Jft « d n XL£k? tc do without it. >he paper was 
and read it awhile, aD Vr«thren vou and^yoaf families can not aford to 
. oe^o^^ your ^children to read it. 

Respectfully submitted, z . w. Langsto*, Ch n. 


22S£^££S%&. SSSttSlS*** «ub«rib. ,„r.ud 
read these papers. Respectfully, A E Bcbns. 

On motion, the reports of the committees on State, Home and 
Foreign Sons were all read in order, discussed together, and 
adopted, with the following resolutions: 

i Resolved That every church in the Mulberry Association be earnestly 

r^J^V^^M^^^^ fOT mi88ionS dunng thG DeXt 8 
ti0 2 D R«olvid That the pastors of our churches be requested to preach on 

% e8 R2Svefe^ «• — * j 

in the country. , 

We believe that State Missions is a good wort ^ and I that rv.any poor lost 

hearty support to w » y h °° t h D \ D e g f OI ^\ he different nations of the earth, and 
State is being fll !« d + w ^ n P^P}!J " ° m „g on every hand, and doubtless is try- 

d»y. Brotbren, « «™5 " ~ *2„ to Alabama, the truth aa It ia in Jeau», 
Would particular,, urg .J»V^3XJXEl2£Sg&£Z 

KsSSfesws * fc^ftswa— fo ' 

— — 



Days of service. 


Ladle* 1 Missionary Societies organized 
Prayer meetings organized...!?/.... 
Prayer meeting* held. 

Miles traveled. 

Sermons delivered .... o'SS 

Addresses made *>J*£ 

Churches constituted ' **** 

Number of persons baptized..'.'..'!!.'.'." ,?? 

SSSSftSS? 1 " connection with thiswork!!!.!. !!!::!! g} 

Restored... .'.'!!.' «3 

Sunday Schools organized....'.!'. zl 

Ladies? Misaionarvftrwifatlaa r»«>. n i.' a j" 4 ' 


Number of visits topreachlng stations 

r churches visited 

" Bibles donated 

%. !1 ._ Testaments donated !'," 

Meeting houses commenced., 


Money collected for meeting houses'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. ' " ' ',' ka «• 
Respectf uUy submitted, f8,67< 

The Home Mission Board of the South 
forward. Its motto seems to' be, 
evidently ia to plant the banner 
land. Yea, more. 
led by Pi 

■ priest-ridden people, our 

by Providence to look upon the lovely Queen of th« aThiE£ 5 

Board determined to make an effort to T break 5 e ? ple> °F 
shackles of popery from tbeir^ecks aU sc , s^nal hj been th^, - ** 
so marked the blessing of God upm its effort *that i "has en tered thf fitVn 
with an enthusiasm Wn of success, and it is makin^Ve isles ofthplo 

dunn*the year, making the total number now e^pIo^St P "" Cher8 
Of these there have labored among «"n«vyeu o,«j.. 

Native White people _ 

Colored population " ! f —255 

Foreign population ~ • 41 

In, Cuba!...!. Z r u 

" 20 

Total «,...„ rr~ 

The smiles of heaven are upon the missionarim nt i k! t»«11j ^ 

His servants to evange ize the world The ap^SSf ««- Li e ? or , te o£ 

erous doc- 
up and call 

tee;™— ^^ 

Itoe,«ttally .ubmltted, A . K BoM , s oh . n 


The marching order of the Gieat Head of the Church, " Go ye into all 
the world," etc, is being obeyed to a limited extent only by oar churches 
through the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

This Board has missions in Africa, Brazil, China, Italy, Mexico and Japan. 
The last named is a new field, the mission having been established the 
present year. Most of these have several stations and cover vast areas of 
territory. Very encouraging reports come up from all these fields, showing 
that God is graciously prospering His work in our hands. The same white- 
winged messenger gives us the comforting assurance of prosperity, brings 
the most touching appeals for more help. More missionaries is the cry from 
everywhere. 80 urgent have been these calls that our Board has relt con- 
strained to increase its workine force about 40 per cent, during the past and 
for the current year. Two of these new missionaries are Alabamians: Bro. 
J. W. McCollum, of Marion Junction, who goes to Japan, and Miss Thorn- 
ton, of Tuscaloosa, to China. Alabama now has five representatives in 
foreign fields 

This increase in the number of missionaries calls for a corresponding in- 
crease in contributions for their support. Brethren, in the name of Him 
who issued the order, Go ye, etc., we ask you, will you obey? He who 
commanded you to go, also commanded you to give, and for your en- 
couragement, he adds, "and it shall be given you good measure heaped 
up, pressed down and running over, shall men give into your bosom;" 
aud the missionary call adds, " the Lord loveth a cheerful giver." Ah, 
brethren, we all rejoice to receive gifts; should we not rather glory in giving, 
since it is more blessed to give than to receive? What reward shall we re- 
ceive who give for Christ's sake and the Gospel? Let Jesus*answer: A 
hundred fold in this present world, and in the world to come, life ever- 

Respectfully submitted, 

L. J. Hand, 
J. R. Hill. 

The Sunday School report was read as follows: 

Your committee feel that an extended report upon this subject would be 
superfluous. The utility of the Sunday School is universally admitted. We 
do sincerely regret that there are not good, live, evergreen Sunday Schools 
sustained in every church in our sisterhood. Your committee believe from 
what they can gather from the representatives of the churches, that where- 
ever there is no school, it is not on account of a want of appreciation of the 
benefits of the same, but for want of a leader in the work — some one to go 
ahead and organize and sustain. Brethren, what a broad field of usefulness 
here! We need Sunday School workers in every church, iustas we need 
pastors. Paul admonishes us to covet the best gifts. Brethren, aspire to 
this work. Lay aside timidity; look to God for wisdom and guidance, and 
undertake the work in the name of Jesus, and God will bless you, and bless 
the church, and bless the children. 

Your committee beg that the churches send up full statistics in their re- 
ports to the Association next year, giving name and postoffice address of 
superintendent, number of officers and teachers, number of pupils enrolled, 
average attendance, helps used, and number of conversions. Pray for and 
expect your pupils to be converted. 

Respectfully submitted, 

A. E. Bubns, Ch'n. 

The Committee on Nominations made the following report, 
which was adopted: 


Your Committee on Nominations would offer the following report: Time 
selected for the next meeting of this body: To begin on Thursday before the 

— . 



Respectfully submitted, 
mi t,. Z. J. Jonk8, Ch'n. 

adopted^*"" C ° mmittee raade their report as follows, which was 

We, your Committee on Finance, report as follows- 

Fo7KeMSi t o h n e 8 ChUrobe8 ** MlDUles ' etc «7 » . 

For Foreign SBKi^. M ^tI^Z™-r±nt: 7 8 


2 ...*35 00 

Respectfully submitted, 

A , J« C. Hicks, Ch'n. 

eni ^° k 3ry cont " b «»<»n>a8 then made by the delegates pres- 
et' th. k , am ° Unt °S $9I °' to incr ease-the Minute fun? so as to 
StVof ,b l 3 " ^ " laS ^ year ' S minutes ^3), and to have the min° 
utes of thelpresent session printed. ' " 

wbToh Comm | J ttee o n Memorials offered the following report 
which was read and adopted: S report, 





Wherea , The Almighty God, ia his infinite wisdom, has removed from 
our association, by death, Elders James C. Hand and A. B. Hill ; and, 

Whereas. Brethren Hand and Hill labored so long and faithfully for the 
Mulberry and other associations; and, 

Whereas, Their Christian labors and brotherly counsel have been such a 
great solace to many of our fathers and mothers; therefore, 

Resolved, That we cherish for these.two faithful heralds of the cross the 
fondest memory. 

Resolvud, That "though their familiar voices are heard no more in our 
churches and associations, and their welcome visits to our homes are ended, 
we will cherish their memories during our lives. 

Resolved, That while we are made sad at their death, we are cheered with 
the thought that they have exchanged the transient pleasures of this life tor 
the laurels of immortality. . .' J ;• -\ . 

Resolved, That a soecial page in the association record be kept sacred to 
their memory. Respectfully submitted, 

Z. J. Joints, Ch n. 

i . .. i ' ' ■■ 



On motion, the Clerk was allowed $15 for his services. Ordered 
that he superintend the printing of as many minutes as the funds 
on hand will pay fox, and that he distribute them pro rata to the 
churches according to the funds sent up for minutes. 

On motion, Eld. A. E. Burns was appointed as a delegate to 
the Southern Baptist Convention; Eld. J. M. Langston, alternate. 

On motion, omitted the reading of the minutes. 

Resolved. That this association tender their hearty thanks to the mem- 
bers of New 8aiem church and surrounding community for their kind and 
generous entertainment daring our stay with them. May the God of all 
grace bless and sanctify our meeting with them to their good and to his 

This meeting of the Mulberry Association was que of as much 
unity of feeling and sentiment as the writer ever witnessed, and 
we believe that the spirit of the Master was with us, and that the 
delegates went home determined to do more for the Master's 
cause than ever before. 

. The association, having finished all its business, adjourned to 
meet with Macedonia church, four miles east of Randolph, seven 
miles west of Jemison, in Chilton County, Ala., on Thursday be- 
fore the fourth Sunday in September, 1 890. 

J. M. LANGSTON, Moderator, Six Mile, Ala. 

R. M. Honevcutt, Clerk, Clear Creek, Ala. 

The next meeting ci the First .District will be held with Mace- 
donia church, commencing on Friday before the second Sunday 
in September, 1890. Eld. J. M. Langston to preach the intro- " 
ductory sermon; S. D. Posey, alternate. 


1. Are we true followers of Christ unless we partake of the" elements of 
the communion, and wash the brethren's, feet? Opened by Augustus Gentry 
and H. L. Wooliey. 

2. Does a church do its whole duty unless it carries on a Sunday-school? 
Opened by S. H. Logan and Z. J. Jones. 

3. What should a church do with one of her members who gets a divorce 
for any cause? Opened by Michael Picket and 8. D. Posey. 

The next meeting of the Second District will be held with Min- 
eral Springs church, commencing on Friday before the second 
Sunday in August, 1890. The introductory sermon to be preach- 
ed by R. M. Honeycutt; J. E. Champion, alternate. 


1. What is the purpose of church organization? Opened by Wiley 
Foshee and J. A. Rodgers. ^ &--£*_*- 

2. Is the so-called Hardshell Baptist entitled to the name of Primitive 
Baptist or not? Opened by W. A. Wood and Z. W. Langston. 

8. What is the duty of a pastor to his church? Opened by W. A. 
Mims and E. M. Bean. • , ^ . « w 

4. What is the duty of a church to its pastor? Opened by J. C. Bice and 
A. L. Foshee. ; 

5. How can we most successful iy carry out Solomon's injunction when 
he says: "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he 
will not depart from it?" Opened by James E. Champion and W. H. Con- 



.Six Mile. Ala. 

Randolph, " 

.Jemison, " 

Clanton, " 

„..Stra»burg, " 

Jemison, " 

. Clear Creek, " 

J. E. Champion .. Clear Creek, " 

D. A.. Seale ...» Monterallo, 

C. F. Bandall „„ ~- Montevallo, " 

J. M. Langston 

8. D. Poaey 

J. M. Gothard . 

W. A. Wood 

W. G. Rigging.. 

A. E. Barns 

R. M. Honeycutt 


i i in «i»